Saturday, December 24, 2005

Bush's Twitchy Jaw: Cocaine Use?

Here are reposts of two blog entries re: GW Bush's widely noted jaw twitch:

Media commentator (and hilarious comedian) Harry Shearer's post on Huffington Post:

What's He Doin'?

Okay, the last time I called attention to the new-found twitch in President Bush's delivery, it was after the speech introducing now-Chief Justice John Roberts, and many commenters protested that the President was just suppressing laughter at the antics of Roberts' rambunctious son, present at the festivities. That, even though most people's attempts to avoid laughter don't involve a repetitive twitch.

Fine. In the intervening weeks, I've watched Bush speeches regularly, and the twitch has remained a constant, although not in extemporaneous appearances. Now, this week, in his press conference announcing the nomination of Harriet Miers, the President has broken through that barrier, and here is the video evidence. As far as we know, the unmarried Ms. Miers didn't bring her non-existent rambunctious son to tempt the President into laughter. Other explanations, of course, are welcome.

Also this blog entry by America Blog's "John in DC" is worthy of reposting.

Why is Bush's jaw suddenly spasming, and/or teeth grinding uncontrollably?
by John in DC - 10/06/2005 04:43:00 PM

A source in the media, who has the opportunity to see the president in person regularly, has pointed out to me that Bush appears to be uncontrollably grinding his teeth, or having a jaw spasm, when he speaks.

Reader Eric sent me a link to a video on the Huffington Post (the video is here, their post on an unrelated topic is here) that clearly shows this problem at the end of Bush's sentences, his lower jaw twitches or grinds. Eric and his friends noticed it too.

I'm told by folks who know that this is something that happens when people do too much cocaine. I've also heard that alcohol abuse can do the same.

Any experts out there want to weigh in? The man is our commander in chief during war time, we have the right to know that he's well.

By the way, I did some research on the other effects of cocaine use:

* Central nervous system and psychiatric effects: Users who have pleasurable experiences report varying degrees of euphoria; increased energy, excitement, and sociability; less hunger and fatigue; a marked feeling of increased physical and mental strength; and decreased sensation of pain. Some will feel a great sense of power and competence that may be associated with the delusion or false sense of grandeur, known as cocainomania. There can be talkativeness, good humor, and laughing. Dilated pupils, nausea, vomiting, headache, or vertigo (the sensation of your surroundings or yourself moving or spinning). With or even without increased amounts of coke, these can progress to excitement, flightiness, emotional instability, restlessness, irritability, apprehension, inability to sit still, teeth grinding, cold sweats, tremors, twitching of small muscles (especially of face, fingers, feet), muscle jerks, hallucinations (cocaine bugs, snow lights, voices and sounds, smells), and cocaine psychosis. Cocaine psychosis resembles paranoid schizophrenia and can bring on paranoia, mania, and psychosis.Sound like anybody we know?