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Taking down the Entity called The Fourth Reich

Known to many across many denominations and cultures as different names, such as the Brotherhood of all, the Order, Opus-Dei La Malta and the Supreme dominionists this in-escapable foe is beyond all foes the world has seen before. Closest resemblence to Hitler's Nazi dynasty in 1921, the brothers and sisters of this group are sinister and deadly. For now it shall be called Opus Dei Malta, a selection of over 200 Opus-Dei and Knights of Malta members brought together for one purpose through leaders like Syung Moon and Walker Bush: The unification of Christ's 1000 year reign. Opus Dei and Knights of Malta are all one and the same thing, this mafia order of the catholic church which has grown around the world since the supposed dissolvement of the illuminati and rockefeller's spoiled Bilderberg groups.

Today currently, there is only one real Bilderberg group and it is an arm of the Opus and Malta. If that little hint there didn't scare you, what I'm about to talk about will.

Opus-Dei Malta has three main arms of operation, all under familiar nicknames and color.

The Brotherhood also called Fellowship, also called its modern name, Council of National Policy. This is considered the central nervous system and core. This entity has been around as an omen for thousands of years, even before the restructuring of Knights ofMalta. Its mission has always been considered simple; the destruction of all races and creeds which are not in line with it.

The focus of this core group had great influence on the Catholic Church and their Nazi fascists to go hunt down every jesuit jew theycould find, as did a covert arm known as Knights Templar.

Back in the 1800s when Opus-Dei had very little power since it had technically not re-birthed yet, Knights Templar and other cults engaged in rituals that are now re-enacted at the Bohemian Grove. Today however, what remains of the Templar and other groups like The Finders, The Seekers and others have all been absorbed into the Catholic Church empire, Opus-Dei Malta and are not just for show.

They are for pure religious sacrafice and ritual run holocausts who if commanded, will kill on the spot. In this way their terrible reach is as volatile as Hitler and his Catholic Bishop. One of the most prominent members and not to mention dangerous, is BrotherJerry Falwell.

At first you may think not much of him. But this man Falwell has led fundamentalists on crusades through-out the 90s, that would make some of the most hardened christians cringe. One time he literally struck a man down off the stage with the "healing power of god himself" as he shouted out to the television. Falwell is obsessed with fine jewelry. Now a news anchor on CNN, Falwell has an almost daily unlimited reach to Senators and other like minded pawns.

Falwell got started with them shortly after the evangelicals like Dobson, Hunt, and Voinovich began meeting with Richard DeVos who is the puppet president for this group. Not to be outdone, other members like Rick Santorum, Antoine Scalia and of course Roy Blunt and Clarence Thomas all take pride in completing rituals for god which would make most mothers cry.

Herbert Walker Bush who leads his team by pulling strings behind the scenes, also can control what The Finders and other cults would do. He uses them to abuse children when its in god's interest, creates special drugs to put future converts under control and more. This is called the MK-Ultra plan, and it is part of his most sickening mad scientist scheme yet. Mind control by CIA created "drugs" that are used for one purpose :subversion.

Hiding behind the puppet of Walker Bush is his late father, H.Prescott Bush. To think that none of the Bush family would become so evil if it wasn't for this man is quite shocking. H. Prescott Bush fell to the "darkside" back in 1920, when he officially asked Leo Strauss, to help him start removing the powers that be. He and the other fascist sympathizers did not want Franklin Roosevelt in charge because of....certain investments. Also known in history as Standard Oil, the largest oil firm in the world, H. Prescott Bush traded more than 70 million worth with the Nazis all by himself and wanted fascists to start a new religious order free of jews. Leo Strauss, took care of the other entanglements.

Leo Strauss a fascist by birth had to flee germany. The second arm of the government, was created by one single man, this is known as the global reach which Opus Dei Malta has under its control. This is known as the Council of Foreign Relations. Strauss wanted to create this to basically have a secret order offascists which could become religious dictators.

Out of this the Catholic Church overtook all of them and began to be passed through history as one by one, men and women turned to the order of Opus. Strauss unknowingly played as a pawn for Prescott Bush, who then was able to use fascist senators to overthrow Roosevelt.

Finally it was coming into place, Bush would now retain control over 23 companies that were siezed from the Nazis when he was tried for high treason. Later on, these companies, and their fathers like Richard DeVos would become an entire empire of red blooded businesses. Prescott of course passed on his ritualistic ways to his son H. W.Bush who then passed it down the line even further.

By this time, a group of Nazi sympathizers were controlling the Council of Foreign Relations. What the books did not say, and what only certain records are able to indicate to us now, is that the de-nazification program failed alltogether thanks to the Catholic Church. In fact, the rising Opus-Dei Malta made certain Nazis stayed in charge. It was a travesty to a once well made structure. Council ofForeign Relations today is now controlled by several red blooded fascists who are controlled by the Opus. What a pleasing thought.

George Voinovich, Governor of Ohio, happens to be a high ranking member. He is one of the second in the line of Malta and controls most of the CFR with just a little help. Good old Voinovich would be rotting in a cell today if he did not have his Opus Malta friends close by to save his neck. Then there happens to be the third arm of this Order of the damned.

While smaller in size and scope, it is no less deadly. This is the only arm Nelson Hunt, Duane Claridge, Adnan Khashoggi and other good old boys are really interested in. The profiteering side of the order. Known as the NWO: New World Order, also called PNAC, there is no end to its reach. After seizing those 23 original companies,Wolfowitz and the other presidents now control Union Bank, Chase Bank, EXXON Mobil, Halliburton, Shell Oil, every other major democratic or republican business sans a few and of course Cybernet Global which is owned by Barton Watson (now dead).

In other terms it also is merged with most right-wing zealot networks including Reverend Moon's Unification Church and the Christian Voice and so forth. With such corporate reach, its almost impossible to attack from the direct front.

What I have established here is now a three folded walking dynasty:

Opus Dei La Malta is made up of 3 powerful branches:

The Fellowship/Brotherhood/Council of National Policy- Its Central Nervous System

The Council of Foreign Relations- Its dispicable right arm

The New World Order- Its deplorable left arm

Taking down one or the other of the arms means a new tentacle will simply grow in its place, meaning the beast will never die. Therefore, the only real way to effectively take down the Fourth Reich is to attack its central core- The CNP... However being able to damage it will require lowered defenses, and that will be a very hard issue to adress.

The actual quickest way may be to attack its left arm, the NWO, and trap someone like Khashoggi red handed thus making a well known arrest. That would force news networks to pay attention big time, and then from there, attack the core and go after the CNP.

If the Core is destroyed, the Fourth Reich will never be able to rise again. But if it is sustained, it will continue to live and grow like a virus. I look at it from the big picture and taking down the small pieces, like Triad and so on, would expose the core for direct assault so I'm thinking of working primarily on that.

Also, researchers would be good to know that the main research tool we use to get information as quick as possible is called Pro Fusion. If you have not much time and need as many records as possible, with the right search criteria you can find it.Pro Fusion is available at http://www.profusion.com/ and can usually find information before it is deleted.

Information sourced from official records,

Note: Viewing some finalized records requires being logged into yahoo or joining the group.

Andy Sornell


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