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The Opal Files: Khashoggi's real history

Adnan Khashoggi is known as one of the most dangerous men to businesses alive. Nelson Hunt, a free member of the New World Order tells us why in this gritting document where their real activities are finally revealed.

Khashoggi has been involved in smuggling and various forms of fraud since Opus-Dei/Knights of Malta even originally rose to power. He has been using shadow spooks, whose names are now revealed, CIA agents like the one and only Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger has a high place on the Council of National Policy and watches over Hunt's activities. Original plans and the real deals are explored in the Opal files.

THE OPAL FILE *******************************************************************************

Long, approx 60K and contains some very amazing information, suchas Swiss Account Numbers of high profile people on Mafia Payrolls.You may be surprised at some of the names mentioned here.

It also contains references to CIA operations to place subliminalTV broadcasts throughout Australia and NZ, and other countries.

The Opal File

The Round Table Financial Takeover of Australia and New Zealand- A 20 Year History In Brief

"Fear them not, therefore; for there is nothing covered that shallnot be revealed; and hidden, that shall shall not be known. "WhatI tell you in darkness, that espeak in light; and what ye hear inthe ear, that proclaim upon the housetops." Matthew

18th May, 1967: Texas oil billionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt, using asophisticated satellite technique to detect global deposits,discovers a huge oil source south of New Zealand in the GreatSouth Basin.

10th June, 1967: Hunt and New Zealand Finance Minister reach anagreement: Hunt will receive sole drilling rights and Muldoon willreceive a $US100,000 non-repayable loan from the Placid Oil Co(Hunt's).

8th September, 1967: Placid Oil granted drilling rights to theGreat South Basin.

10th May, 1968: Hawaiian meeting between Onassis and toplieutenants, William Colby and Gerald Parsky, to discussestablishment of a new front company in Australia - Australasianand Pacific Holdings Limited - to be managed by Michael Hand.Using Onassis-Rockefeller banks, Chase Manhattan and Shroders,Travelodge Management Ltd sets up another front to link theoperations to the US.

Onassis crowned head of the Mafia; Colby (head of CIA covertoperations in S.E. Asia) ran the Onassis heroin operations in theGolden Triangle (Laos, Burma, Thailand) with 200 Green BeretMercenaries - ie the Phoenix Programme.

Gerald Parsky deputy to ex-CIA/FBI Robert Maheu in the HowardHughes organisation, took orders from Onassis and was maderesponsible for laundering skim money from the Onassis casinooperations in Las Vegas and the Bahamas.

Early 1969: Mafia consolidates its banking operations; David Rockefeller becomes Chairman of Chase Manhattan; Wriston atCitibank and Michele Sindona captures the Vatican Bank,Partnership Pacific launched by Bank of America, Bank of Tokyo andBank of New South Wales.

10th March, 1969: Parsky and Colby use Australasian and PacificHoldings to set up a 'front' company in Australia. Using old banks-Mellon Bank and Pittsburgh National Bank, they buy control ofnear-bankrupt Industrial Equity Ltd (I.E.L.) managed by NewZealander Ron Brierly.

A'Asian and Pacific Holdings' 'consultant' Bob Seldon helpsMichael Hand set up the new organisation. Seldon took orders fromMellon and Pittsburgh National Banks, while Hand was directlyresponsible to Gerald Parsky and William Colby. Ron Brierly wouldtake orders from Hand.24th July, 1969: New board established for I.E.L. includes Hand, Seldon, RonBrierly, plus two Brierly associates - Frank Nugan and Bob Jones.Both are appointed consultants to A'asian and Pacific Holdings Ltd.Jones will help Brierly launder funds into real estate(Brierly/Jones Investments) while Seldon and Nugan will channelfunds into oil and mineral resources through I.E.L.October 1969: Chase Manhattan begins new operation in Australiawith National Bank Australasia and A.C. Goods Associates - Chase-NBA.J.C. Fletcher appointed chairman of Seven Sisters' company -British Petroleum (N.Z.).17th February 1970: Gerald Parsky sets up a new heroin-dollarlaundry in Australia - Australian International Finance Corp.using the Irving Trust Co New York.April 1970: Onassis, Rockefeller and the Seven Sisters beginsetting up the shadow World Government using theIlluminati-controlled banks and the transnational corporations. InMelbourne they set up the Australian International FinanceCorporation using:* Irving Trust Co. N.Y. - linked to Shell Oil, Continental Oil,Phillips Petroleum.* Crocker Citizens National - linked to Atlantic Richfield (Arco),Standard Oil of California which is Rockefeller-controlled.* Bank of Montreal - Petro Canada, Penarctic Oils, Alberta Gas, Gulf Oil.* Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ).Meantime, Japanese members of One World Government move into NewZealand, helped by Finance Minister R. Muldoon; Mitsubishi andMitsui make a profitable deal buying up rights to ironsands helped by MarconaCorp. (US) and Todd (Shell/BP/Todd). Todd rewarded with sole NewZealand franchise for Mitsubishi vehicles, Muldoon helps Mitsui(Oji Paper Co) obtain a lucrative 320 million cubic foot KiangaroaForestry contract with Carter Holt.November, 1970: Fletchers extend the Rockefeller Travelodgeoperation by buying control of New Zealand's largest travelcompany - Atlantic and Pacific Travel.Manufacturers' and Retailers' Acceptance Company (in 1970 changedto Marac): This firm specialises in leasing and factoring (buyingdebts at a discount). It also finances imports and exports. Themajor shareholders are the Fletcher Group (38.0%), the CommercialBank of Australia Ltd (24.7%), NIMU Insurance (7.7%), PhillipsElectrical (3.8%), National Mutual Life Association (2.4%), NewZealand United Corporation (4.0%). The CBA is a partner in thesupranational Euro-Pacific Corporation, the other partners beingthe Midland Bank (UK), the United California Bank (USA), Fuji(Japan) and Societe Generale de Banque (France).Early 1971: Onassis and Rockefeller begin global operation to buyinfluence for the One World Government concept.

They use Lockheed,Northrop and Litton Industries 'agent' Adnan Khashoggi, toorganise operations in the Middle East, Iran and Indonesia. I.C.I.set up $2.5 million slush fund to Australia and N.Z.Finance Minister Muldoon changes law to allow Mafia-controlledbanks to begin operations in New Zealand. Links also made byN.Z.I. in preparation for Paxus control with Hong Kong andShanghai; Wells Fargo with Broadbank; Chase Manhattan with GeneralFinance; Bank of America and Barclays with Fletchers and Renouf inNew Zealand United Corp. All members of the Business Round TableOrganisation.Late 1971: Gulf Oil and their man Brierly begin organising chainsof Shell companies and dummy corporations to conceal theirtakeover operations of oil, gas and mineral resources and relatedindustries such as vehicle franchises, vehicle spare parts andfinance services - all part of the Seven Sisters' controlled carculture.To extend links to the US banking operations they buy control ofI.S.A.S. (NSW) and I.S.A.S. (Qld), which hold sole franchise forconstruction and mining equipment produced by InternationalHarvester Credit Co, which is part of Chase Manhattan Bank andassociated with First National Bank Chicago (Chairman Sullivanalso Executive Vice-President of Chase Manhattan), ContinentalIllinois (linked with CIA and Mafia Michele Sindona of VaticanBank) and Rockefeller's Standard Oil of Indiana (AMOCO).I.S.A.S. (Qld) also has strategic holdings in North FlindersMines, Flinders Petroleum, Apollo International Minerals.February 1972: Onassis and Rockefeller help associate AdnanKhashoggi buy the Security Pacific National Bank in California andtake control of the United California Bank through CIA-linkedLockheed Aircraft Corporation. Both banks used by Onassis andKhashoggi to funnel bribes and payoffs via the CIA's Deak Bank tocaptive Japanese and other crooked politicians. Security Pacificalso used to 'launder' over $2 million for Nixon's re-electioncampaign. Khashoggi also buys 21% of Southern Pacific Properties,which is the major stockholder in Travelodge (Aust), therebyestablishing direct links to New Zealand, and U.E.B. and Fletchersthrough its equity links with Travelodge (N.Z.).

Read the Opal files inside.



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