Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Call to Arms (and Legs) :-)

[JamBoi note: I updated the name of the article from Call to Arms to Call to Arms (and Legs) :-) so that it wouldn't be misinterpreted as being a call for violence, which its not.]

Ok, I'm reposting this because I want to test out the blogger thing and I can't think of anything else to write about.

Step one: Organize all of our sources and documentation

Step two: publish findings and get the word out. Madsen helped but we have the source evidence and more detailed info than he does. Jamboi's blogs should be used to publish.

Step three: getting the word out to people who matter, people of power. Conyers, Arnebeck, Cobb, etc

Step four: work with these people to find ways of crippling the Fellowship. This should include analyzing the government policies that allowed this coup to occur, such as partisan election officials and election companies (using proprietary software), corporate degregulation (media, oil, etc), corporate "personhood", zero
enforcement of the tax-exempt status of these organizations/evangelical organizations in general, closed-door policy meetings, etc.

Step five: eradicate the Fellowship and fascism. Probably not going to happen but we should aim high anyway. Aiming high is what got the felloship into power in the first place.

Step six: party like there's no tomorrow, because they may not be one
once you get there.

Step seven: avoid becoming the victim of a revenge assassination


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